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I originally met Jewels back in May of this year and then met her again last week in Salt Lake City, UT. We were both there for the doTERRA Convention. Being that we are both from RI, we had an immediate connection and a friendship blossomed. I had recently interviewed a Reiki person on my TV show and started discussing this with Jewels when we met up again last week. She offered to give me a session at the end of the day. We used my hotel room, because she had room mates. She showed up at the agreed upon time and quickly started to prepare. Having spent the past few days with her, I got to know her really well. It was cool to watch her transform before my eyes as she prepared the space. I could actually feel the energy in the room begin to change. She incorporated the doTERRA essential oils and some guided, what I will call meditation. She took we on this magical journey. I actually started crying at two moments during our session. Afterwards, we met up with some friends for dinner and they all found it amusing that I was just floating somewhere else the entire evening. I felt so incredibly relaxed and peaceful. She taught me some chakra things that I’ve been applying since and having amazing results. Jewels is a beautiful spirit walking amongst us. Her light shines brightest when she is doing what she does best. Take the time to experience this for yourself. It is magical!!! I’m now trying to convince her to come back home for a visit so I can see her again. In fact, last night I was telling a friend about her and she also wants to see her if she comes for a visit. Shine on Jewels!!! I love that we met!!!


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