Free Consultation

If you have questions about setting up your own personal power system or would like to learn more, please e-mail me and we can arrange a free initial consultation. 


Current Offerings

Choose from the following offerings available any time in addition to longer-term arrangements.

Private Yoga

yogaiconLook better  • Feel Better • Turn on and Shine Your Light. Strengthen your physical and soul muscles with me as I take you through an invigorating and introspective journey on the mat. Whether new to yoga or an advanced yogi, I will lead you through a carefully crafted class tailor made for you. Together we will shift and shape… and bust through limitations! (Sessions are 75 mins.) In-person sessions within a 10-mile radius. Read more here.

buynow Via Skype, Hangout or in Person: $100

Reiki Energy Healing

reikiiconReiki is the practice of balancing the energy field that surrounds the body. Sometimes called Chi or aura, this energy is a vital source of well-being in many cultural traditions and is central to alternative-healing techniques. Rei – means Universal or unlimited and Ki – means Life Force Energy. I am a certified Reiki Master trained in the Usui tradition. I look forward to providing you with this powerful assistance. Read more here

buynow Via Skype, Hangout or in Person: $100

Angelic Cord Cutting

cordcuttingsmlWhen you engage in a relationship, any relationship, whether with a family member, friend, boyfriend, co-worker, business partner or even your home or job, it can create an energetic cord between you and that person or entity. Your cord becomes intertwined with theirsThis invisible, energetic cord works like a hose, with energy directed back and forth between both people. Read more here.

buynow Via Skype, Hangout or in Person: $100

Chakra Balancing

chakrassmlYour 60-minute session will help bring balance, harmony and clarity into your life while releasing negative, stuck energy that no longer serves you. 

You may or may not not be aware of your Chakras but they receive and send out energy in your body at all times. And they can either be in balance or out of balance. Read more here.

buynow  Via Skype, Hangout or in Person: $100


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