Hi. I’m Jewels. Welcome to Shine Your Light

I created this website to help you travel from a place of Stress to Success. For the past 10 years, I have traveled far and wide and studied with yoga masters, health gurus and more. Here I share my best learned spiritual and practical tools.

So come inside and take a ride on a journey across the globe to the core of your soul. I may be on a Soul-O journey around the world, but I know who you are. I was there! As a former Manhattan Advertising Executive, I worked for the biggest radio groups in the world: CBS Radio, Clear Channel Radio, XM/Sirius Satellite Radio, Z-100 and more. I was a young woman, barely 30 years old and responsible for acquiring and negotiated million dollar deals. I had a great career, but it did not come without a huge amount of pressure. And I did it for more than a decade. Trust me, I know first hand about stress, anxiety and getting lost in the in what I call, the matrix.



On the outside, my life was amazing. I was living in Manhattan, had a prestigious corporate career and had loads of friends. Yet on the inside I was crumbling. My stress levels were at a maximum. I was eating poorly, not exercising and on a slew of medications. Medication for anxiety, depression, sleep, stomach issues, migraines and antibiotics because I was always getting sick. 

I talk about my journey in this interview…


I knew I had to take control of my own health and wellbeing. Western medicine and conventions had failed me. If anything, I was getting worse. My first step was yoga. I loved it so much that I immediately became certified to teach. By day I was a corporate warrior and by night, I was teaching my advertising clients how to unleash their inner spiritual warrior. I was starting to see the light.

Then, during the absolute height of my career, my beloved father, who had been valiantly fighting his battle with ALS, a terminally ill and debilitating disease, lost the fight and his life. I thought I hit my rock bottom. But there was more to come. A year later the market crashed, we went into an economic meltdown. The company I was working for laid off 2500 and I was one of them. I was lost and alone. My mother had moved back to her home in Greece, dad was gone now and I had no job and a huge mortgage to pay with no means of income. On top of that my beloved cat of 19 years and chocolate labrador retriever both died. I was in a relationship that was not working. I didn’t know where to turn. 


I struggled a lot over the next two years. No longer able to afford my life in Manhattan, I rented out my apartment and took a soul journey to India and Nepal. With nothing but a backpack, I spent the next year reaching into my heart and asked divine source for answers. And like a phoenix rising, I rose through the ashes … TRANSFORMATION!

In this transformation, I heard the call to serve. To share the tools that helped me to live STRESS FREE!  I share the tools I learned in my blog, at yoga retreats and workshops world-wide, on TV and Radio shows and via private coaching via Skype and one on one session. 

Spiritual Tool Box

  • Meditation
  • Breath-Work
  • Yoga and Body Movement
  • Essential Oils
  • Reiki and Chakra Balancing
  • Health Coaching


Each of us has our own core needs, health concerns, shadows and fears we are looking to address. No one of us are the same. Some modalities resonate with people and some do not. You can take what you want and leave what you don’t.

With YOUR life, dreams, patterns, frustrations and goals considered, I create a Personal Plans that take you through hard times, help launch you to new heights and keep you in vibrational alignment when all is running smoothly.

I work with individuals on a personal level and with corporations large and small.

If you are ready to get on the road to your health and wellbeing, sign up for free tools and tips. Want to go further… send me an email for a free wellness consultation.

Peace and blessings…
Jewels Bertrand